My Master Key Experience Week 16


We are half way through the Master Key’s now, a lot who started this journey have drifted off along the way but those that remain are pulling together tighter than ever.  This week particularly as we were all sharing our kindness experiences.  We have a challenge to perform as many random acts of kindness as possible and if we could do it without getting caught then even better.

The principle is simple.

Giving and receiving – you have to give before you can receive.  If we wish to experience kindness we must give it.  The more we give it the more it will grow.  It we want to increase our awareness of kindness we must make it our focus to see it and feel it all around us and give it whenever and where ever we can, without expectation of reciprocity.  This will then bring it into the forefront of our attention, our recognition of kindness will increase, we will attract it towards us and receive more kindness from others.  If it is the case then that what we give we receive, so it is true that the presence of kindness in our lives will grow.

We can take this principle and apply it to other virtues and this we will be doing over the coming weeks, just as I did last week with courage.

Just imagine how far this can go!  Take a moment and think about the conditions you would like in your life, see them around you, find them within yourself and give it in some way to others.  Soon it will return to you in more ways than you can imagine.  How amazing and powerful is that!

If we have to give before we receive, then it is true that everything has a price and it comes down to what are we prepared to give for the life we want.

I think this week’s lesson is one of my favourites so far, but then I seem to think that every week!  It could be that my understanding keeps growing as for me this week every word made sense.  Some of the previous weeks were challenging in their language and took a little while for the message of each paragraph to be fully understood.  But this week I found the words were clear, and it brought everything together.

I have also been listening again to The Strangest Secret by Early Nightingale.  What is amazing and truly exciting is that through the use of some very simple ideas and habits, repeated often, such a huge change can occur in our lives.  How can this not be something that everyone knows!  That amazes me also and it can only increase my sense of purpose to have this knowledge which should be shared.

What’s clear from listening to Nightingale again is how his thoughts tie so very closely with the Master Keys.  I need to be faithful to my vision, not let anything or anyone distract me from that and keep my focus.  It can be tuff at times, life and stuff happens, but how could it be that you can reach week 16 and not be committed to the end.

Someone told me this week that I am always positive and I also received a number of compliments about my work.  This is new and an indication that changes are happening in my life.  I feel happier, more in control of my reactions and how I deal with situations that confront me.  It’s a challenge to keep moving forward, 48 years of thinking one way cannot be changed overnight.  I am holding onto my vision and continuing to do my best towards achieving it.  I imagine the lady in this picture is me and I have it as the screen saver on my laptop.  I can imagine myself stood there, breathing in the fresh air, feel the cool air on my face, see the clear waters and the sharp edges of the snow topped mountains.


“What we see already exists in the objective world, but what we visualise, already exists in the spiritual world, and this visualisation is a substantial token of what will one day appear in the objective world if we are faithful to our ideal”.




My Master Key Experience Week 15

This week we have started our makeover, obviously a makeover of the mind!  We have been introduced to the Franklin Makeover.

This is about awareness, noticing a quality that you want to have or develop more of for yourself.  When you focus on things you see them everywhere when before you may not have taken any noticed.

We are what we think, our thoughts are seeds in our minds that grow so it is right then that we should be looking for things that we want to be.  Using the Franking makeover will help us achieve that.

From a list of virtues, we are to focus on one a week.  One of the virtues is courage and this is the one that I have chosen first.

I look for it in the people I meet, things I witness, it can be in something I read about or see on tv.  Young, old, man or animal, if I see it I acknowledge it and remember it and then record it within a log.  Noticing courage around me will bring this virtue to focus in my mind, it will grow.  This will continue with a new virtue each week for 13 weeks.  Knowing how this is going to impact on my mind and thoughts is exciting.

What is exciting is that we have these virtues within us all along, but by increasing awareness of them they will come into focus and grow.

I have had a few interesting sits recently, allowing my mind to settle and think over what we have learnt from the Master Keys.  In the webcast Davene talked about the feelings that you have when you are excited and nervous.  I can definitely relate to that.  I realise that in the past I have started things but not finished.  I realise that I have been scared of success.  I can think of times that I have spent hours working on something, planning and researching and then the moment comes where I have to go public with it and it could become successful, I withdraw and leave it.  I now know that this is fear of success.  I believe that I am now turning a corner.  I know that I am meant to shine and I am powerful.  I shouldn’t be scared of it but embrace it.

The extra resources available within this course are so fantastic at emphasising the lessons and ideas and really helping to bring them to life.  A great example is the recording of Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret.  It contains some great metaphors for how we should be using our minds and achieving success.  Shouldn’t be listened to once, but many times.

It is exciting that I am merging the current me into the future me.  I like the future me.  Actually, I love the future me!



My Master Key Experience Week 14


No webinar this week as it is the Christmas holidays but there is plenty to do before the next one. Continue with the exercises and watch at least one of the films from a selection.

I chose to watch Cool Runnings – which means Peace Be The Journey!

So many references to the things we have been learning on the Master Keys, it was crazy and I don’t think I can even list them all here!

The themes were all there and it was amazing to be able to watch it and be so aware. There were heroes, there was persistence, there was a burning desire, an alliance and a positive attitude.

Being able to notice all these things brought into focus how far we have come, how far I have come.

We saw persistence particularly in the character of Derice, despite falling over in the Olympic trials for the 100 metres, he found another way of achieving his dream of going to the Olympics. That was his dream and he didn’t give up on it. He found another way. He took his skills and applied them another way. “Do the words give up mean anything to you?” he was asked. “No, not a thing” was his reply.

Heroes in this film, of which there were many, stood up against the odds for their desire, stood up against the wishes of others, stood bravely in the face of criticism and didn’t let anything get in their way.

They disproved preconceptions of who they are, find inner strength against the odds, stepped out of the familiar to travel a path unknown. What we now know as the heroes journey.

Formed a master mind alliance with Irv, the coach who had known success and had it taken away for cheating. He had the knowledge and experience, they had the strength, energy and enthusiasm.

As part of our experience we have done some mirror work and repeating of affirmations. This was there too and you could seem the impact it had on Junior who was finally able to stand up to his Father and be his own man.

Yul had his picture of his dream home that he carried with him everywhere. We can relate this to our movie trailers and images we have on it. Even though it turned out to be Buckingham Palace, it still represented the life he wanted.

However, despite their efforts they were still not performing as well as they wanted. Until they realised that they could only truly be in the flow and harmonious with their desires if they stopped trying to be someone else and impersonating the Swiss team. They needed to be Jamaican.

A very motivational film and a very enjoyable watch.

We are back to our webcasts next week, and I’m really looking forward to it. We are starting our makeover! Who doesn’t love a makeover?

Don’t impersonate others, always be yourself for that is the only way to true harmony and happiness.


My Master Key Experience Week 13

It is always a treat to hear from those that have trodden the path before you, have felt it, seen it, heard it.  It was a joy to hear from some of the master key guides on the webcast this week.  Realising their definite purpose, really experiencing true bliss.

Everything begins with a thought a vision and we can see the evidence in how their lives have changed but also in the things around us that have been created from thought, a dream, a vision.

“It will be found that the creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual” Haanel

The chair that I sit on to write my blog would once only of existed in someone’s thoughts.  The design would have been drawn, the fabric would have been designed by the upholsterer, the construction decided by the furniture designer.  Do we think of this when we sit?  The thoughts become reality.  The chair is manufactured, the different pieces, all thoughts in their own right in the beginning, come together.  The physical is constructed.  The chair now exists.

So it can be true then that the thoughts I hold of the person I intend to become and the life I wish to have will come into reality, just as it has for Lori King, Lori Enrico and Luc.  But it will take work and effort.

“In the first place, we must put our knowledge into practice. Nothing can be accomplished in any other way” Haanel

Whilst I type the radio plays a version of Reach.  The lyrics say

Reach for the stars, climb every mountain higher;

Reach for the stars, follow your hearts desire;

Reach for the stars, and when that rainbow’s shining over you

That’s when your dreams will all come true


My Master Key Experience – Week 12

“He who desires wisdom, power, or permanent success of any kind will find it only within” Haanel

As each week passes I am loving this experience more and more.  The content is exciting and interesting.  It tests you, challenges you and at times I have to really dig in but when you start noticing subtle changes you now that it is worth it.

Week 12 webinar introduced us to another new idea, another new angle to chip away at the concrete and reach our subconscious – 50 minutes in the mirror repeating a sentence from our dmp over and over.

Now, when asked to do this you may say “50 minutes? That’s a long time” and probably give it a go for a little while and then stop.  But, if you have travelled along with this experience, doing the exercises and reached week 12 you know that there will be a reason, there will be a payoff in doing this.  Faith and trust has been established.

I did the exercise, full 50 minutes.  Yes, it was a bit odd at first but I kept going and it wasn’t a problem. It was interesting how the tone and energy in my voice changed many times and my physical energy also changed.  Sometimes still, other times moving around quite a bit.  I am looking forward to repeating the exercise again.  My subconscious doesn’t know if I am repeating something of huge significance or a minor detail, it will believe and respond to what I say if it is said with feeling and enthusiasm, repeatedly.  This is so powerful.

Personal break through moment for me this week.  I know the actions I need to take to grow my business, but I find it hard, I allow fear and self-doubt get in the way.  This week, I took the step and took the action.  This was one of the reasons for starting this experience.  I wanted success.  I wanted to improve my life.  I asked my self a question. Why have I allowed others to dictate the direction of my life?  By people, some that I do not even know, have no connection with, or acquaintances that pass through my life sometime fleetingly, yet their impact is long lasting?  No more can this happen.  I must follow my bliss.  I have only one chance, only one life, and this is it.

As we head towards the Christmas break, I feel confident that I will continue the reads and the sits.  I cannot be swayed, not now I have come this far.  I believe this experience for myself and for those around me is a life changer.  As the course introduces another daily activity of index cards with simple sentences of things we have done well, the momentum continually builds.  Even just writing them out felt good, reading them aloud even better.  It is amazing how much we do each and every day, from simple tasks like walking the dog to some big things like being a Mother!  This daily exercise will slip in quite nicely with all the others.  No question. Just do it.  Do it now.

“Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfilment. The eternal makes you urgent. You are loath to let compromise or the threat of danger hold you back from striving toward the summit of fulfilment.” ~ John O’Donohue


My Master Key Experience – Week 11

Week 11 has brought together all the little things we have been doing over and over under an umbrella we call persistence.

This idea, though introduced to us this week, has been there all along though we may not have realised it.

We have been in the flow of persistence since week 1 of this experience.  The weekly assignments have been building towards the revelation of the four steps of success.

4 tiny habits of success we have created:-

  • Defined our definite purpose backed by desire
  • Created and followed a plan of continuous action
  • Followed the 7 day mental diet
  • Created a mastermind alliance

Small steps lead to great things and the realisation of this surely brings even more focus to the daily tasks.

I have created an alliance; rather I like to think made a new friend with someone else on this journey.  We have spoken a few times and share some of the same goals.  Feel grateful to have her presence in my life.

When I look around at successful people I can start to identify these habits and there is no longer any mystery or luck.  They have formed good habits and become their slave, they have persisted.

I know that I still have work to do but I am more determined than ever to keep striving to build the confidence I need to achieve what I want to achieve.

“For I know one of the greatest principles of success; if I persist long enough I will win”. Og Mandino.

On I go and this wonderful, enlightening journey continues.  This journey maybe one that has been travelled by others before me but I will make my own path, I will find my own truth and follow my own passion.

hill path


My Master Key Experience – Week 10

Getting back on track in week 10 and pausing to think of the effect this experience has had on me, and I’m reminded of how far I have come.  I can experience times of deep emotions – I can be tearful and then full of joy.  Embracing the spiritual awakening.

This week’s lesson the law of growth, the lesson tells us

“…..a thought is dropped into the invisible substance of the Universal Mind, that substance from which all things are created, and as it takes root, the law of growth begins to take effect and we find that conditions and environment are but the objective form of our thought”.

The thoughts we hold are so important, where everything starts. The importance of keeping the mental diet really comes into focus.

The sit and mind work has also developed a deeper interest in the exploration of meditation.  I have decided to seek meditation classes that I can attend where I live.  An interesting discovery and not something that I thought would happen.

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.” ~ Cynthia Occelli